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Remove External hard drive error code 10 on Windows 7

Please do the following steps to Remove External hard drive error code 10 on Windows 7


  • Right-click on my computer >> selected manage.
  • Click On Storage & then Disk Management.
  • If there is no drive letter assigned.
  • Assigned a drive letter.
  • & then Restart the Computer.


  • This can happen if the USB port IRQ is shared with something else that is causing data flow delays & or address conflicts at the same IRQ.
  • It may be preferable to use a port that is directly from the USB host controller.
  • Sometimes if this cannot be resolved by swapping around USB connections.
  • try using a powered active USB hub between the drive and the port.
  • You may still have to try different USB ports this way.
  • The active hub can act like a buffer & thus eliminate any delay effects from the IRQ sharing.


  • Run Check Disk to Fix the External hard drive error code 10 on Windows 7.
  • Reboot your PC and press F8 key continuously until Menu appears in DOS mode.
  • Select command prompt from the list. Now in the command prompt type.
  • chkdsk c: /f /r.
  • (space after chkdsk & space after c: ).
  • Enter.
  • This may take some time. You may get an error “windows cannot check the Disk- Do you want to run on reboot”.
  • Type Yes or Y press Enter.
  • & then Restart the Computer   \r.

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