General QT (Quick Time) in your tray

QT (Quick Time) in your tray

QT (Quick Time) in your tray

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There are plenty of apps around that have been considered so useful by their developers that they automatically put themselves into your tray, without even asking for your permission during installation. Once of such apps is Quick Time, and I don’t understand why, because I for one don’t use so often.

Right Clicking on it will open a drag menu like the one below, depending on you Quick Time version. Anyways, you need to locate options or preferences.

The last tab is the one you are interested in. Click it.

Reading everything there, somewhere you will find the box that needs to be unchecked.

On Vista a control window appears:

Admitting that the Control Panel is ok and it wasn’t the problem will get you out of the QT tray icon problem.

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