Problem With Internet Explorer 6 in XP | Internet Explorer 6 Not Working Properly in XP

Problem With Internet Explorer 6 in XP

Xp Is inbuilt with Internet Explorer 6. If sometimetimes we are facing with IE6 on our PC then try the following steps to solve the problem. sometimes this problem occurs and we have to some simple steps to solve the Browsing problem with Internet Explorer 6.

Fix Internet Explorer 6 page cannot be displayed Windows XP

Follow below steps to fix internet explorer not working in windows xp with error page cannot be displayed.

Disc Clean Up

 Clean Junk Files
 Open My Computer >> Right “C” drive >> Properties
 Click on Disc Clean Up >> Select all options found
 Next >> Delete All >> Finish
 This will delete all junk files not required, thereby providing more disc space, improving browsing speed & System performance


 Click on start Button >> Click on Run Button
 Type prefetch in the open space
 It will open the window having prefetch files
 Select all the prefetch files and then Delete them.

Restore Defaults

 Start your Internet Explorer >> Click the Tools Menu
 Click Internet Options >> Click on Advanced
 Click Restore Defaults >> Click Apply >> Click OK

Restore IE6

 Click on Start Button >> Click on Control Panel >> Click on Add/Remove Programs >> On the left hand side Click Add/Remove Windows Component >> Uncheck the Internet Explorer 6 option there >> Restart your PC.
 Again follow the steps and Check the IE6 option there.
 Start your browser.
 The problem has been solved.
 If you are still having a problem then try scaning your Pc with Pc Optimizer 360

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