General My PC Crashed time after time what do i do now

My PC Crashed time after time what do i do now

My  PC Crashed time after time what do i do now.

Tech Advise:1

To view the details of an event follow these steps

Click On Start Menu >> Click On Control Panel >> Click Performance and Maintenance

Click on classic view on the extreme left then click Administrative Tools & then double-click Computer Management.

Or open the MMC containing the Event Viewer snap-in.

In the console tree expand Event Viewer & then click the log that contains the event that you want to view.

We need to Click on application.

Then on the right you would see a list with some entries displaying red cross or yellow warning.

Double Click on the red cross entry.

Copy paste the description Box which gives the name of application.

Open a notepad and copy the description of few other entries with red or yellow cross.

Copy paste the info of recent dates only

This will help me to find the program or application causing problem to your pc.

To copy the details of the event Click the Copy button then open a new document in the program in which you want to paste the event

For example Microsoft Word & then Click Paste on the Edit menu. |


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