MAC Mac automatical error

Mac automatical error

Fix Mac automatic error

Yesterday, I was worked on my company & suddenly while working I was facing some new types of error of spelling mistake, automatic full stop error, wording removing while typing it was too disturbing or also distracting also. then I’ll decide now I have to fix this automatic error of spelling mistake, full stop error afterword, etc. Now I am mentioning the steps of how to fix mac automatic error?

Below are the steps to solve the Mac automatic error

Use autocorrection

  Open Mac > Choose Apple menu at the top bar > system preferences > click keyboard > click text
  Choose Correct spelling automatically
  Type content, In an App
  Do the following steps when the misspelled words are detected.

  • Accept suggestions – If there’s only one suggestion > keep typing to have the word autocorrected. If there are two or more suggestions > choose from one.
  • Ignore suggestions – Press the Escape key > Continue typing.
  • Undo autocorrections – Words that are automatically corrected should be underlined in blue. To back to your real spelling, add an insertion point next to the word to show real spelling.

How to turn off Autocorrection in the application?

 Open the App > select edit > spelling & Grammer > Untick Correct spelling automatically

Check grammar and Spelling

On Your Mac, do the following steps:

  • Check spelling – Select Edit > Spelling & Grammar > Check Document Now. The first error is highlighted. To show the next error > press the Key Command-semicolon (;).
  • Check grammar – Select Edit > Spelling & Grammar > Tick or check Grammar With Spelling (a tick shows it’s on). If there is any Grammar mistake then it will be shown in green underlined.
  • Ignore misspellings – Ctrl-click a word > select Ignore Spelling. The word is ignored if it occurs again in the document
  • Add words to the spelling dictionary – Ctrl-click a word, then select Learn Spelling.
  • Remove a word from the spelling dictionary – Ctrl-click a word > select Unlearn Spelling.

If you are checking a long document, it will be easier to use the Spelling & Grammar window.

Select Edit > Spelling & Grammar > Show Spelling & Grammar.

How to fix automatically error on Mac / Error on Macbook

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