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Internet Explorer freezes shut down without warning

Internet Explorer freezes shuts down without warning or the computer reboots.

How to Fix Internet Explorer freezes shuts down without warning

Tech Advise:1
Please do the following steps to fix the problem

 Click Star Menu t & then click Control Panel.
 Click Display in classic view of Windows XP
 Click the Settings tab & then click Advanced.
 Click the Performance or Troubleshooting tab
 Depending on your operating system & then reduce hardware acceleration a notch at a time until your system stabilizes.

Tech Advise: 2
Please do the following steps to fix the problem

 Boot the computer into Safe Mode you get to the safe mode boot option by hitting the F8 key as your computer is starting up and see whether or not the freezing behaviour is the same as when booted normally.
 Please Open the Event Viewer utility in your Administrative Tools control panel & look through your System & Application logs for entries flagged with error or warning which might seem to be related to freezes.
 Double-clicking on such an entry will open a properties window with more detailed information on the error post that info here.
 In the Properties window of a given entry click on the button with the graphic of two pieces of paper on it
 The button is at the right of the window just below the up arrow/down arrow buttons.
 You won’t see anything happen when you click the button but it will copy all of the details to the Windows clipboard.
 You can then paste the details into your next post here.

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