General How to Speed UP PC | Speed Up Start UP

How to Speed UP PC | Speed Up Start UP

Speed Up Start UP

How to Speed UP PC | Speed Up Start UP

Tech Advise 1
Defrag Your PC.

 It is important to defrag your PC once a month to keep the performance of the PC up to date
 Click on start >>> Programs >> System Tools >> Disk Defragmentor
 CLick on Defrag Now
 Defrag will help to clean any bad sectors on drive, increase disk space, speed up your PC performance

Step 2
Run Check Disk Command

 Fix Errors & Speed up through Chkdsk Command
 Repair Hard Drive through check disk Command
 Reboot Your PC, press F8 key continously while the PC is rebooting until a black window appears. Select command prompt from the list.  Now on the Dos window
 chkdsk c: /f /r

 (you may get a prompt to press Y/N) Press Y which means that check disk command will run on net boot UP. Please allow the commad to run on next boot UP and do not exit. This may take 30 min – 1hour.
 NOTE: the /f command automatically fixes any errors encountered, the /r ommand locates bad sectors and recovers readable information
 This will definately help to fix any drive related errors and speed up Your PC performance

Step 3
Clean Junk Files

 Open My Computer >> Right “C” drive >> Properties
 Click on Disc Clean Up >> Select all options found
 Next >> Delete All >> Finish
 This will delete all junk files not required, thereby providing more disc space, improving browsing speed & System performance

Step 4
Remove Unwanted Programs

 Please go To Control Pannel >> Add Remove Programs.
 Look for the programs that are not required. Please make sure you know what you are uninstalling. Uninstall program & games not required anymore. This will remvove any unwated process running on the PC & help to speed up PC.

Step 5
Antvirus Conflicts

 Any corrupt Antivirus application is highly responsible for conflicts on PC. A corrupt antiviurs application can slow down the PC, Cause crashes, shut down problems & boot Up problem
 Completely uninstall the Antivirus program. Download and install any free version of Antivirus or reinstall the antivirus program.
 Also one must not run 2 antivirus programs on the PC. Please install and run only one antivirus to avoid conflicts.

Step 6
Speed Up start UP

 Click on Start >> Run >> Type Msconfig
 Click on start Up tab
 Here you would see a list of programs which would start up when the PC is booting Up. Most of the programs are programmed to start when the PC is booting up which increases the Boot up time.
 So you can uncheck the programs which are not required to start when the PC is booting up. This saves time on boot up and helps to speed up start up. Thereby helps to speed up PC. Unchecking them will not delete the programs at all. They will be just disabled to boot when the PC is starting. You can always open the programs from program list or desktop shortcuts.
 This helps to speed Up PC, Improve performance & remove any errors on start up.

Step 7
Corrupt Application Conflicts

 Any Corrupt Application can be the cause of PC errors, Slow PC, Boot up & Shut down problems, BSOD Errors Etc..
 Open Event Viewer to check the faulty program.
 Please click >> start >>control panel >> administrator tools >> click >> Event viewer in the event viewer click on application.
 You will see applications with the red cross click – on red cross applications which will further give you the error details with faulty application name.

Once you know the application then it can be simply remove from add remove programs and reinstalled

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