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How to reset you Freecell stats or progress in Microsoft Solitaire Game?

Reset Freecell stats and Progress of Microsoft Solitaire Game

Hi, Everyone, Today I am playing a Microsoft Solitaire on my desktop & after some time I was looking for setting from where I can get the option for How to Reset the Stats & progress of Freecell in Microsoft solitaire game. And suddenly I got the options also for resetting the Microsoft solitaire game with full stats & progress.

Reset Freecell statistics & Progress in Microsoft Solitaire

Below are Following Steps

Open Setting or Press window key + I
Select Apps in apps & feature
Scroll down, when you see Microsoft solitaire collection then click on Advanced Options
Press the Reset Button.

Check your stats progress will be reset.

Resolve Error of resetting Freecell stats or progress in Microsoft Solitaire Game/ Error on Microsoft Solitaire Game while resetting Freecell stats or progress

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