virus How to remove VirusHeat 3.9.exe

How to remove VirusHeat 3.9.exe

Remove VirusHeat 3.9.exe

How to remove VirusHeat 3.9.exe

VirusHeatis a anti-spyware program that is known to issue fake warnings on your computer in order to manipulate you into buying its full commercial version

Tech Advise:1

 Please download Malwarebytes.

Tech Advise:2

 Please try  below steps to fix the problem.
 Virus Heat Manual Removal Process
 Click on Start Menu >>click on Control Panel & then Double-click on  Add or Remove Programs icon.
 Locate Virus Heat and double-click on it to uninstall Virus Heat.
 Follow the screen step-by-step screen instructions to complete uninstallation of Virus Heat.
 Do not worry about this if you cannot find it in Add/Remove window.
 Simply skip to #5.

Restart the computer.

 When it has completed uninstalling you can close Add or Remove Programs and your Control Panel.
 Close all programs.
 Search and delete the following infected entries in registry.
 If you do not know how to edit registry
 click here to read more.
 HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE>>>SOFTWARE>>>Microsoft>>>Windows>>>CurrentVersion>>>Uninstall>>>Virus Heat
 Stop Virus Heat process.
 If you do not know how to stop a running process click here to read more.
 Find and delete the following infected files from your system.
 Don’t worry if you don’t find these files.
 Just proceed to next step.
 Virus Heat 3.9.exe
 If you do not know how to find it or having difficulties locating the file
 click here to read more.
 Rename the files that you found above to foundbadfile1.dll and foundbadfile2.dll if you can not rename this file then try to restart your computer in safe mode then try to rename this file.
 If you don’t know how to start the computer in safe mode click here to read more.
 Go to C:>>>Program Files>>> folder and delete the Virus Heat folder if you can’t delete it reboot your computer to safe mode then delete the folder.
 Do not worry about it if you can’t find this folder.
 Click here to bookmark this page you will need to comeback to this page after reboot
 If you are using Firefox click on Ctrl+D on your keyboard to bookmark this page
 Restart your computer
 Go to your computer and delete the foundbadfile1.dll and foundbadfile2.dll file

You have just removed Virus Heat from your computer manually.

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