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How to fix driver-related issues on windows 98

Driver update problem on windows 98 | How to fix driver related issues on windows 98

How to fix driver-related issues on windows 98

Tech Advise:1

 On of the best tricks for fixing driver related issue for VGA etc the following
 Click on start >> run > type msconfig >> ok
 Click Advanced >> then check the box marked VGA 640 x 480 x 16
 Click on Ok twice and let the PC reboot. When it reboots in standard VGA mode then open msconfig again >> go to advanced Uncheck the BOX > Reboot
 Also related to video cards and drivers, one of the most successful “quick fixes” for many people, restoring their shutdown
 ability when a driver update would not, is the following: In MSCONFIG, click Advanced, then check the box marked VGA 640 x 480 x 16.
 Click OK twice, and let the computer reboot. When it reboots (in standard VGA mode), return to MSCONFIG, and uncheck the box.
 Again, reboot.

If still no good then remove the drive and reboot the PC to install the driver automatically

Step 2
How to remove and reinstall the driver

 Click on start >> Run >> Type in
 Devmgmt.msc > Ok
  In the devise manger window look for Sound card and graphic Card and see if they have any yellow marks.
 Even if they dont, try to remove and reboot to reinstall the driver automatically.
  Right click the driver and remove

If no good then follow step 3 below

Step – 3

 Ither use your driver disc or download the latest version of driver from the Internet
 For Further advanced support Post your problem on the below link
 this is live tech pc support

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