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How To Check Network Connection | Wireless Connection | Modem And Router

Check Network Connection Fix

First to disconnect all equipment and devices and then restart all devices.and check

How To Fix Network Connection Issues?

Now check connection between router and computer

 click on Start >> Run >> type cmd, and click on OK.
 At the command prompt, type ping IP address of the computers and press ENTER.
 Check the ping statistics. You should get the reply
 Make sure to disable all firewalls installed on the computer
 To disable firewalls follow these step
 Click on Start >> Control Panel >> Network Connections >> Right click on Local Area Connection >>  Properties
 Click on Advanced >> Settings
 Under Windows Firewall select Off (not recommended) and click OK.

Now check for Modem

 click on start >> controll panel >> modem
 Click on the ‘Diagnostics’ tab at the top of the window
 Note the number of the COM port that your modem appears next to and click OK.
 Click on start >> run >> type hypertrm.exe and click OK
 You will get main Hyper Terminal screen, with Connection Description
 In white box type test, and click on OK
 In new box under Connect using click on Direct to Com with the number of the com port ,which you noted down earlier then click OK
 A Port Settings window wil appear click on OK without any changing
 Now You will get the full Hyper Terminal window
 Type ATZ and enter You will get  a response of OK
 If not ,then the attempt to communicate with the modem has failed.Recheck you have the correct Com port
 If you get the response ‘OK’ then type ATDT your  phone line number. Your computer should start dialling.
 If this step fails, Check the cable connections between your computer and phone line
 When prompted for login ,type in your internet access username and press enter.
 Type your password and press the enter,Click on the ‘Hang Up’ button at the top of the screen for exit
 You will be prompted to save this session Click on No.
 If your modem failed the above test then you might need to contact the modem or computer manufacturer for further support.
 Also check the ethernet cables ,If cables are damaged then change the cables.

To check wireless network

 Follow these steps to determine if the Wireless Zero Configuration service is running or not
 Click on Start >> Run >> type cmd, and click OK.
 In command prompt Type sc query wzcsvc, and press ENTER.
 If the Windows Zero Configuration service is running, The words “STATE : # RUNNING” will appear in command prompt.

Next Determine if the driver that you are using recognizes the Windows XP Wireless Zero Configuration service.

For this, follow these steps

 Click on Start >> click Control Panel >> Network and Internet Connections >> Network Connections.
 Right click Wireless Network Connection >> Properties.
 If Wireless Network Connection icon is not in the Network Connections folder, or if you cannot view the properties,
 there is a problem with the driver for the wireless network adapter.

For checking this

 Click on Start >> right click on My Computer >> Manage >> Device Manager >> Double click Other Devices
 Look for the wireless network adapter. If adapter in the Other Devices folder, No driver has been installed.
 To resolve this issue,Install a driver .
 If the adapter is  not located in the Other Devices folder, Look in the Network Adapters folder.
 When you locate the wireless network adapter
 Right click on the icon for the wireless network adapter,Then click Properties.
 Verify that “The device is working properly” message is displayed under Device status.
 Now check drivers that do not support the Wireless Zero Configuration service ,For checking this
 Click on Start >> Run >>  type cmd >> click OK.
 Type sc query wzcsvc in command prompt and press ENTER.
 If the Windows Zero Configuration service is running, the words “STATE : # RUNNING” will appear.
 Now Click on Start >> Control Panel >> Network Connections >> Right click Wireless Network Connection >> click Properties.
 On the General tab, Click Configure >> Advanced
 Under Property ,a list describes the basic configuration options
 Under Mode or Network Type property ,set this option to Infrastructure .
 And if you are connecting your computer to another computer, Set this option to Ad-Hoc.
 Under Data Rate property ,Set this option to Auto or to 11 Mbps.
 Under Power Save property ,Set Power Save to Off or to Disabled.
 After configure these options, Click OK to save the changes.
 Now right click on My Computer >> Manage.
 In Computer Management, Double-click Services and Applications >>Services >>Right click Wireless Zero Configuration >> Properties
 In the Startup type box, Click to select Disabled, and click OK.
 Close Computer Management, And then restart the computer.

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