Errors Handling JavaScript Errors

Handling JavaScript Errors

Handling JavaScript Errors

As a PC user, you might be confused by the terms “Java,” and “JavaSscript.” Java is simply a programming language. JavaScript, however, is a Netscape-developed scripting language which enables website designers to create websites with interactive features. JavaScript is very popular with website designers because it is far simpler to code than many programming languages. JavaScript errors, however, do occur, and when they do they are usually the result of coding errors.

Incorporating JavaScript into a website’s HTML code will cause certain features of that website to be dynamic. Pop-up windows and graphics, for example, are the result of JavaScript coding.

If you’re experiencing a JavaScript error, the way in which you’ll be notified according to the browser you’re running. In most instances however, however, a dialog box will open on your screen and give you the option to “debug.” Your box may also have a line number and a message. One of the common messages reads “Object” or “Character Expected.” If you are still using Netscape Navigator as your primary browser, it may show a different message than the one you would see if you were running Internet Explorer. Some browsers are more effective than others at handling JavaScript errors.

Reasons for JavaScript Errors

 JavaScript coding errors, corrupted data, an erroneous client input are the most common causes of JavaScript errors. They can also occur, however, because of poor PC security. Just ask the many PC users who have had personal information stolen by attackers who took advantage of flaws in JavaScript. Both Pharming and Phishing are two techniques with which scammers use JavaScript to steal private data.

 Because JavaScript is programmed to integrate so completely with the program you are currently running on your computer, Pushing and Pfarming attacks can be almost impossible to detect. Your browser will be performing flawlessly, while all-time malicious JavaScript is working in the background to harvest your information. You would have to be a computer program yourself to pick up on the fact that there is a JavaScript interpreter running on your browser.

How to Fix JavaScript Errors

  You may already know how to delete information from your PC’s Recycle Bin, Cache, and temporary folders. Attempting to clear data from other parts of your PC system, especially from the Windows registry, is much more complicated and could render your PC useless if done incorrectly.

 Even the regular use of a good antivirus or anti-spyware program may not remove all file traces from your PC. This is especially true if you’re trying to erase JavaScript coding which was integrated into a program you downloaded off the Internet. What’s the fix?

The safest way to handle JavaScript errors is to get PC Doctor Pro or another effective registry cleaner and run it. It will scan your registry, recognize and log all malicious entries, and remove them without endangering any of the other registry files essential for your computers function. PC Doctor Pro will do everything to restore your computer function that an expensive trip to the repair shop would do!

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