Fix the error of Dell Latitude E6410 2000-0150

Fix error of Dell Latitude E6410 2000-0150

I have a Dell Latitude e6410. when I am working on the laptop it suddenly freezes and strange sound in the laptop. when I am pressed on the file “msinf032” and then I restart the laptop hard drive was not detected. I remove the drive and put it on another slot but still, the hard drive error was the same. Is there anyone to fix this ???

How to Fix Error Dell Latitude E6410 Startup Repair 2000-0150?

To detect a hard drive follow the steps:

  1. Turn off and then turn on the computer
  2. You will see a Dell logo then press F12
  3. Then you see the BIOS and go to Boot options and select the appropriate hard drive
  4. And press Esc key to back on the BIOS and then press Y to save changes
  5. Hope is it working

If still, hard drive doesn’t work then format it

  1. Switch off and Switch on the computer
  2. Then you will a see Dell logo then press F12
  3. Put Windows CD in the cd drive
  4. Once you see the BIOS and go to the Boot options and select a CD to boot from the first boot option
  5. And format the hard disk when Windows ask you to select the hard drive that you want to install
  6. Let it be install
  7. Once it loads all the drivers install that come on your hard drive
  8. Hope is it works

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