Drivers Download The Microsoft Research Virtual WiFi Driver

Download The Microsoft Research Virtual WiFi Driver

How to download the Microsoft Research virtual WiFi Driver
File Name:

MSRMesh-VirtualWIFI.MSI                12.2 MB

Virtual WiFi is a user to connect multiple IEEE 802.11 networks in one WiFi card. It aslo works by exposing multiple adapters & for each wireless network to which connectivity is desired. Is an NDIS intermediate driver, user-level service in Windows XP. it interact the card device driver at the lower end, and network protocols at the upper end.

System requirement: For download Microsoft virtual wifi driver

Microsoft Research Virtual WiFi compatible with Windows 7, Windows 8, or Windows 10

Install instruction: Microsoft virtual wifi driver download

Click on the below link and follow the instruction.

Download Microsoft Research Virtual WiFi Driver :

Download Microsoft Research Virtual WiFi

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