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Domain pointing to VPS Server is not working

Domain Pointing to VPS Server is not Working Fix

I need help, I have bought a VPS Server and create an account in it to live a domain. I added the domain and change the nameserver ns1.secureserver.com and ns2.secureserver.com provided by Godaddy in my domain control panel but still, the domain is not working. I have another domain and want to add in VPS. Can anyone help me to resolve this?

How to Fix Domain Pointing to VPS Server is not Working?


If you want your domain live on VPS Server, follow the steps below

Login to your WHM Panel
Go to DNS Functions > Edit DNS Zone
Select the account on which you want to add domain then Hit the button Edit below
In edit zone settings add settings as below


In “Add New Entries Below this Line” give settings as below
In blank field type “ns1” then
select “A” record in drop down menu, a text box will appear. Type your server ip address in this field
In 2nd blank box type “ns2” and select “A” record again, and type your server IP Address.

Hit the Save button below

After that, you have to go in your Domain Control panel

Go to Domain DNS Settings
In “Advanced Features” click on “Host Name”

In Host field type ns1 and in IP Address field type your server IP Address.

Then go to DNS Setting to update new Name Servers
Select Custom name server and type below


After a few minutes, your domain would point to your VPS Server account.


How to fix Domain pointing to VPS Server is not working/ Error on non-workable VPS Server

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