Windows 10 After Creator’s update 2 thumbnail cache keeps deleting automatically

After Creator’s update 2 thumbnail cache keeps deleting automatically

Fix Creators update 2 thumbnail cache keeps deleting automatically

I have installed Creator update 2, after updating it thumbnail cache deleting itself and having rebuild after sleep mode, or after few hours maybe 4 to 5 hours of PC use.

Anyone help me out?

How to fix Creator’s update 2 thumbnail cache keeps deleting?


Firstly, try to reset thumbnail cache folder. If the deleting thumbnail cache files method doesn’t work for you then try following:

Windows 8 or later versions come with a new Automatic maintenance service which deletes unnecessary files regularly. This service might also delete thumbnail cache files.

 Press Win+R Key to open RUN dialog box.
type taskschd.msc in RUN box > press Enter
Task Scheduler program appears. Go to Task Scheduler  Library > Microsoft > Windows > TaskScheduler

On the right hand side, you will see below options

 Idle Maintenance
 Manual Maintenance
 Regular Maintenance
 Maintenance Configurator

You need to disable following options

 Manual Maintenance
 Idle Maintenance
 Regular Maintenance

Right click on the task and select Disable option

If “Maintenance Configurator” re-enable other 3 task, you have to delete all 4 tasks. To delete select all task and hit Delete.

If you are unable to delete above tasks then following below steps

 Open RUN dialog box
 Type tasks then Enter> Permissions related message shows> click on Continue. It will open C:\Windows\System32\Tasks Folder.
  Go to Microsoft\ Windows\ TaskScheduler folder & delete all 4 tasks.

Now, you have disabled Windows Automatic Maintenance Service

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