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Category: Printer

Error code 02: Warm Up Issues In Printer

Error code 02 : Warm Up Issues In Printer How to Fix Error code 02 This error code is because of HP LaserJet printer gets heated and taking over 3 minutes to switch on. ↣ Make sure to check the I/O cable for loose connection.↣ There may also be no  communication between . . . Read more

Printer Spooler Error

Printer Spooler Error Before Proceeding to manual steps we recommend to download and Scan your pc with Pc Optimizer 360 for Bugs and registery Errors   How to Fix printer spooler error Tech Advise Manual Steps to fix Print Spooler Error ↣ Please do the following steps to fix the Printer . . . Read more

Print overrun

Print overrun How to fix issue of print over run Tech Advise:1To correct this reduce the graphics resolution to 300 dots per inch. ↣ In ProFile under File >> Print setup ↣ check to see if the WindowsTM default printer option is selected. ↣ If so click on the Start button at the . . . Read more

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