Tech Support Call Generation Training Program

Tech Support Call Generation Training Program

Tech Support is one of the most Profitable Businesses today, you can make nothing less than $10000 to $100000 per day if done correctly. In this program, you will learn how to generate calls for different products and services in tech support.

Who Should Learn Tech Support Call Generation?

  • Tech Support Sales Professional

  • Technical Support Experts

  • Professionals or Business with Call Center Background

  • Startups and Investors looking to start a profitable Business

  • Lead Generation Companies

What will you Learn in Tech Call Generation Course?

  1. Google Adwords Campaigning for Tech Call
  2. Bing & Yahoo Ads Campaigning
  3. Ad Networks – Direct and Indirect
  4. Advanced SEO for Tech Support Call Generation
  5. Desktop PPI Calls
  6. Software Development Logics

Tech Support Course Details:

1. Google Ads Campaign Setup

  • Google Ads Recent Policies for Tech Support Campaigns
  • Google Ads all Call Generation Strategies
  • Direct Call Campaign
  • Smart Managed Campaigns

2. Bing Ads Campaign

  • Creating all types of ads-text, image, interactive ads.
  • Placing ads on websites that are relevant to what you? reselling.
  • Show ads to the people that are likely to be most interested.
  • Manage and track your budget, campaigns, and results.

3. Ad Network Display Advertising

  • Contextual Display Advertising.
  • Contextual Managed Advertising.
  • Display Managed Advertising.
  • CPM Marketing CPV marketing Popunder/Interstitial and CPC in-text ads.
  • Campaign Creation
  • Full Page popunder / interstitial & In-textAds.
  • Set caps and target your campaign by country,category.

4. Software Calls

  • This includes logical training on Software-based calls leads.
  • This does not include any Code/programming related training.
    Tools & Software’s that can help to run Tech Support business smoothly

5. SEO Based Calls

Special Training in Search Engine Optimization of Tech support-related pages in Google, Yahoo & Bing. What Tech Support Products and Services to Choose to get quick rankings in Search Engines?

Speak to our Tech Support Consultant with Over 15 years experience – 9953497000

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