Tech Support Campaign Setup Services

Tech Support Campaign Setup Services


How Can We Help You to Generate Tech Support Calls?

We are leading Tech Support Call providers in India. We create campaigns and generate calls for almost all categories in  Tech Support.  We work with a minimum of 3 CC, Our Charges are based on daily management services or dedicated campaign setup



1. We sell High-Quality Calls

2. We Manage Google Ads Campaigns for IT-related Tech Support Business

3. We Provide Training on Tech Support Campaigns

4. We setup Networks for Lead Generation

Who is the Technical Support Call Generation Expert

Best of the men from IT Tech Support industry with core expertise in Google Adwords, Bing, Networks, and other call generation platforms available online.

What Does our Tech Support Call Generation Services Include

1. Campaign Setup on Google Bing & other Search Engine Campaigns

2. We set up Ad network for Direct Leads

3. SEO Services for almost categories in Hardware or Software Support

4. Training on Campaign Setup


What Types of Calls do we generate

1. Antivirus Support Calls

2. Printer Support Calls

3. Email Support Calls

4. Devices Calls

5. Shopping Calls

6. Accounting Calls & more


Check out the below Video of one of Our Tech Support Webinars


Speak to our IT Support Campaign Expert with Over 14 years of experience in IT Support Industry


Our Whatsapp Chat Support can be reached on 9650683199  Chat on WhatsApp