Remote Support

Remote Support

Remote Support – Sit back and Relax while MCSE expert Fixes your PC Remotely


Remote Support is a technology that enables instant, secure, and trouble free connection between your Pc over the Internet to any point in the world. You will have complete control of your system at all times during the Remote Support Sessions and can pause or completely terminate the session at will. The software that we use for our remote sessions are state of the art products by one of the world’s top companies CITRIX. We assure that the highest standards in the industry will be maintained at all times.  Start Now

Remote Support has an amazingly significant

Customer oriented role in our service portfolio as we offer you a 110% satisfaction guarantee service at a very attractive and competitive rates of only US$10 per session. Go on and give your computer the true service that it deserves. Get Connected to MCSE certifed Technician Now

“Sit back and enjoy live pc support from best pc tech support experts at”


Advantages of Remote Support:

You can ask for support any day 24X7X365

You can save a lot of time by not having to wait for Google or waiting for a expert to get free on the busy call centers we have a crew of over 100 strong so we have very low waiting times as low as 8 seconds.


Thanks to the latest cutting edge technology and the best of the MSCE tech crew we provide the best of the best solutions to any computer related problem.


You have full time 24×7 accesses to a pool of knowledge and you will not be dependent on just one individual.  Absolutely no geographical constraints. You could be in Santa Land but we will be with you in a trice.


How it works –

We give you an access code, the minute you confirm over chat, on entering that code you will use our CITRIX software to connect to us and start a remote support session.  

After the problem is fixed you can disconnect, and the Remote Support service crew won’t even the smallest have access to your computer without your initiating the connection again. Remote Support can function only with the express authorization of the user of the system and the initiation of the process by the user.

Therefore your system is well protected from any impromptu unauthorized access. We provide a very trustworthy and highly personalized confidential service to our customers taking the burden off  you and quickly providing a solution. We truly pride ourselves in our high standards and your complete satisfaction is our only goal.

So if you encounter any problem what so ever with your system, give us a nudge and you can kiss your problems good bye at the soonest.



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