How to fix common printer problems

How to fix common printer problems

1) Paper jams

A printer paper jam is a general problem that we have often see while using our printers. Few reasons of paper jams are dust, poor quality, worn out or incorrect paper types. Using proper papers, removing dust & dirt can fix problems related to paper jams. If the problems still persists then we need to check roller part in printers. It is important that we take care while pulling out the paper when stcuk. Most of the branded printer rollers are easily accessible, but this is a major problems in non branded or cheap printers. Make sure that you do not use a used or damaged page for re printing as it often tends to get stuck in printer.

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Printing is faded – Some Regions of print outs are faded

Faded pages are usually due to low cartridge, however if it is full then do the following

Clean the cartridge Nozzle
Check Printer Settings, increase the print color strength
Open Printer and Clean the areas with cotton, sometimes dust or ink color may block areas.
Economize printing is on. Eco mode uses less toner than normal printing. So turn it off
Take out the Toner and shake it well, connect and try a Print


2) Ghosting

Ghosting is a problem which occurs while printing. In this problem a print outs are fine but a faint image of past print is also printed with the current output. One of the reasons may be incorrect power supply to the printer, check cord or wire connected to printer. Other cause is the lasting period of the drum or imaging kits, in this case the part must be changed to prevent further damage

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Toner spreads or does not stay on the paper.

Sometimes words or images come of the paper on a slight touch, possible reason are as below

First, the fuse assembly is damaged or exhausted and needs a replacement. Best solution is to change the fuser assembly. I I would not suggest to repair the fuse assembly as this is a consumable part of printer and not worth to fix.

Second, the toner cartridges letting too much toner flow at a time. Replace the toner cartridge in case of black-and-white laser printer. For Color laser printer, replace the cartridge which is causing the problem.

Third, Clean the toner spilled in case which should fix the problem.

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Printer is displaying a 50.4 error message

3) A 50.4 error message

means a problems with the power supply. Disconnect the printer if connected to a UPS as it cannot handle the power requirements of a printer, specially avoid connecting laser printers to a UPS. Connect it directly with the mains switch and then Restart printer and check if it works fine. If still no good then check other hardware components of your Printer and restart printer

4) Can’t find a Printer driver for my New operating system

With release of new operating systems new drivers are required for printers, In this case it is best to contact your printer manufacturer for driver updates. Generally these details can be forund on there website. If the printer is installed and not functiong properly then you may also try updating the drivers through devise manager. Right Click my Computer >> Click Hardware Tab >> Click Devise manager >> Look for your printer >> Right click and update driver >> Click yes to connect to Internet. Drivers should be updated, if not then contact the website directly and download them manually

5) Printer picks up Too many papers instead of one Sheet

Take out the Printer Tray and reload papers again. If still no good then the pad that is responsible for separating the paper might have worn out and needs to be replaced. You can order and install a new pad without sending the printer out for repair. Humidity can also causes this problem, take out the papers, fan them before loading them back into the printer tray

6) Printer is displaying a 79 error

A 79 error Source can be network printer server that services the printer.

First Try, Open the the printer folder from Start menu on print Server, delete if there are any pending Jobs.

Second, Check for printer add on components, such as MIO card or RAM module. Remove all add ons and then add them back to the printer one at time to check if any of the moudule is at fault or not.

7) Trouble printing on envelopes

Envelopes may cause trouble to your laser printers. Get envelopes that are close to 20-lb paper in weight & thickness. Make sure the adhesive on the envelope is capable of withstanding the heat that the fuser creates out to keep the printing on the page. Even if you dont use adhesive, print outs will be already sealed. If envelopes are comming out wrinkled then it means they are too stiff for the paper path, open the back cover to let them exit.