Not Getting enough Calls ?

Not Getting enough Calls ?

Do it Yourself


Learn the best clean strategies to generate Calls for Tech support Business.


What will Your Learn in Tech Support Campaigning

  • Google Adword Campaigning
  • Bing Ads Call Generation
  • Network Level Call Generation
  • SEO Based Calls
  • PPI Campaigns
  • 2000 Leads per day Strategy


Tech Support Setup plan for Startups

  1.  Website planning for Tech Business
  2. Choosing the right business categories
  3. Quick SEO setup strategies for generating calls within 1 month
  4. Calls management
  5. Calls selling
  6. Calls filtering
  7. Fraud click management
  8. Server setup and RDP
  9. Payment gateways setup
  10. BTC payouts

What is the Duration ?

It takes normally 2 weeks, However if you are a fresher then it may extend upto 3 weeks.

Who Should Do it ?

Normally this training is taken up by Business owners or Startup. You may also send your employees who mange your digital campaigns. For more information, speak to our expert on

Who are the Experts

The Tech Geeks who have over 10 years experience in Tech Support Industry and active in lead generation.


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