What is Web Hosting – How To Launch your Own Website


Hosting is also called Web Site Hosting which is mainly maintaining and managing the files of the website on the server. Web Site Hosting allows us to make our our website accessible to the people across the globe through Internet via World Wide Web. Web Hosting is generally done by dedicated companies who provide space on a server that they own or lease for use by their clients.

These Days a number of Internet (ISP) providers  like America Online, Google and yahoo as well offer free space for small websites and is hosted by one of their Servers. However, these are basic services and may not fullfil all your Hosting requirements.

It is always Suggested to host a web site on professional Hosting Servers only.

How Should I Start My Own Website

Alrite, Dont worry, We will go step By Step and if still any issues then email us

  • First, we have to Buy a Domain, What is Domain ? – Yes, this is the name by which people would open your website through address bar in internet explorer.

        Example – www.techmowgli.com or www.google.com

You may check the availability of domain from GoDaddy.com, you can only buy a domain which is available and not owned by anyone else. Minimum registeration period of a domain is 1 year costing approx $ 10

While you are buying a Domain from Go Daddy, select a Hosting Plan according to your needs and features, i would suggest a basic plan for beginners.

  • Hosting – So we have the domain with us now – “www.example.com” and a hosting space booked at Godaddy.com. From here just login to GoDaddy acccount and look for Hosting Support or login to the account from where you purchased a domain and hosting service. You need to follow your hosting provider email for hosting setting and adding FTP account. Once you have the FTP user name and password proceed to uploading your website. use an Tool called Core FTP or any third party software to upload your website. Enter your FTP details including user name and password. Now upload all your website pages on your server, make sure your home page name is index.html.

Your website is ready to go Live Now .. If Still any issues then contact our support for any Hosting related problems. Contact Us

Do Not Confuse yourself between Domain and Hosting

Domain is the name that your purchased and paid 1 year Registeration Charges whereas Hosting is space that you have booked for hosting your website on a server. Hosting charges are monthly basis from $ 4 to 20 $ a month depending upon your Hosting plan


Features to Look For when Buying a Hosting Service


. FTP Access


It is File Transfer Protocol – a Network Protocol which is used to transfer and manage files over the Internet. It is built on a Client-Server architecture and allows data transfer between the client and the server. Hosting Companies use FTP and allow you to access your website server via a Web Form. But you get very limited accessibility and control over the pages of your Website.


. Adequate disk space


Disk Space is what the Website will need for being uploaded on the server. Need of space depends on the size and nature of work of the website. But if your Hosting Company can provide extra space to you when needed, that is appreciable. Check out what space is allocated to you by your Hosting Company. This space should be more than the space your site uses on the hard drive.


. Reasonable Bandwidth  


Bandwidth is the measure of data transfer across a given Network,measured in bits per second. If your website  is of 10 MB and it is viewed one time in a month then your bandwidth use would be of 10 MB. But since your web pages are viewed more often and not only once in a month , so you should have a monthly bandwidth of at-least 5 GB.


Recommended Hosting Features


After you have managed to get all the above things, you now need only a good Web Hosting Provider. There several other things that you will need while hosting your website that make your work easier:


. SSH Access

SSh Access allows you to access your web pages directly from the server. This is also the best way to test CGI scripts.


. Control Panel

Hosting Control Panel helps you to maintain your website in a proper manner by giving you full administrative rights to set permissions and dot-files.



PHP allows you to do Server-side scripting.


. Database

Database allows you to make dynamic websites.


. Email Accounts

This allows you to create email account for you from your website’s domain.


Advantage of shared hosting?

A shared Web Hosting is an Hosting service where many websites are hosted on One Server. Every Site has dedicated space allotted for there own website and seprate each other. This is an economical way of hosting as you make best use or server resources with other sites hosted. It is easier for Hosting Companies to provide shared hosting if lot of site owneres host on one server. The Cost of maintaninece is shared and both are benefited in this way.

The second advantage of shared web hosting is that its easier to maintain and manage many websites on the server. NEXCESS.NET manages the server for you like routine maintenance, tuning, and upgrades are taken care of. Another advantage is that if you need any script and applications that you require for your site can be installed by the Hosting Company’s dedicated professional NEXCESS.NET staff.


Advantages of Dedicated Hosting over shared


Dedicated server hosting gives the Hosting Client many additional benefits depending on the exclusive need and nature of the website.

Moreover, a dedicated server hosting is more reliable and more secure than a shared hosting service. There are many Hosting Providers, but the dedicated Hosting Providers provides great features like security and stability. While using a dedicated Hosting Service you need not to worry about sharing your resources on the server with other websites. Because that Server space will be dedicated to your website only.


By having a Dedicated Hosting for your website the Hosting Client is safe from many drawbacks of the Shared Hosting services. The hosting has not to worry anymore about overloading of excessive websites on that particular server. It will also save you from the bad coding and script of the of some other website which can hamper your own website’s performance.  


Dedicated Hosting service gives the Hosting Client the  the freedom to customize their hosting experience which is not possible in shared hosting services. In shared hosting you will often find that the features that you really need are not available for you and many of the services and features that available to you are of no use for you. But in the dedicated hosting service the client is allowed to choose the softwares and application according to their own need that is best for their website.


Another great advantage of dedicated hosting is its performance! That is how well a website represents itself to its visitors and to their customers. A Client using dedicated hosting service need not to worry that their website is offline. Sometimes the duration of up time can be lesser than you would like if you are using shared hosting services. The advantage with dedicated hosting is that the website will also load faster on a dedicated server than a shared server. Because on the dedicated hosting server their is no overloaded of other websites and the server is not over-flooded with visitors traffic, data and applications.


If a hosting client is too much worried about the slow loading of their website or downtime of the website then dedicated hosting service is a great advantage for his business. The success of a online business through website depends on the quickness of loading the web pages. If the web-page is offline for considerable amount of time its more likely that your business will lose customers. But this problem is not going to happen with dedicated server.
Although the services of a dedicated hosting service is quite expensive in comparison with the shared hosting service but the advantages associated with a dedicated server makes it important for an important business site. Because the level of security and services of a dedicated server is far better than the shared hosting server.