What is Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

SEO can be best defined as a method of optimizing either your web page or complete site in order to make it search engine friendly. This method of SEO helps in obtaining higher ranking or position in search engines (Google, yahoo, MSN etc) whilst getting the most preferred or targeted results for your search. It also helps in maximizing the generation of the targeted traffic to your site. It would be wrong to mistake or confuse SEO with advertising. SEO would help your site to rank good in search engines like Google, Yahoo & MSN.

For Example – I am recruitemnet consultant at New York and have a website called

How would people get to Know about my Recruitment web site on the Internet ?

Seo would optimize your website on certain keywords like recruitment New York, recruiters New York or Jobs in New York. Your website would start ranking on those keywords gradually in search engines. So anyone searching with above keywords in google or any other search engine would end up on my website Guess how many people search for jobs in New York around the world- yehaa count is in thousands. Imagine if you have these thousands visits per day ! Yes this in turn gives you online sales. This is how people are earning online, from professional service man, small business units or Giant companies all are making money online.

Does SEO help to covert Visitors to my website in Sales ?

Yes SEO Does help to convert visitors into sales. SEO helps to optimize your website on thousands of keywords through which clients may visit your website through Search Engines. Today Websites are earning million Dollars through Online Business. Your Business visibily on the Web has become mandatory to increase sales and better reputation. We recommend for search engine opimization of your website.

There is no denying to the fact that your site can easily be listed in the paid search results, for any set of keywords. The main intent of using SEO is to attain the highest ranking through the search engine, only because of the relevant information contained in that particular site, which is specific to the search term, and not due to its paying capabilities. In simpler words, it can be stated that SEO is a special technique that makes use of a combination of factors making a website attain a higher ranking in the listings of major search engines.

Can i get SEO done for Personal Website or SEO for Professional Service providers 

Many people from Housewife to software developers, palmist, doctors, lawyers, writers, bloggers and all other working individuals have asked me this question.

“can i also make my website, give some services online and earn some money”

How much would it cost to make a website and host it, is it expensive” ?

“Will you guide me if i want to make my website and sell services or products online”

My answer to all of your above questions is Yes — I will assist you

Just making a fancy websites do not help to make money. A simple website with all basic requirements and good services will definitely help you to converts potential visitors into sales. Email Us or Call us for SEO services, web hosting, cheap website development.

Why Search Engine Optimization

The main GOAL of search engine optimization or SEO is to get your website positioned at the highest or top on the search engine result pages or SERPS. You can easily achieve this through strategic plan involving research and programming and online marketing. It will not be an understatement to relate SEO with the technical side of Web marketing. Although SEO helps in the promotion of your website, but at the same time, it is quite important for SEO professionals to have some basic technical knowledge or some familiarity with basics of HTML.

How Do i Optimize my Site

Your website should include targeted keywords containing rich content: Working on the keyword density will help you in improving the positioning of your website on the search engine. It will not be a wise decision to dump all your keywords in a seamless list on your website. Instead, all the efforts should be put in to form quality sentences making repeated utilization of the high ranking phrases or keywords.

What is Traffic on the Internet:

Visitors on the web moving to site is termed as traffic to site. There are different methods of diverting traffic to a site.The traffic generated by the Search Engine is the real time traffic. Visitors move to websites as per the search results displayed on google.

Email Marketing:

As the name indicates, email marketing is the method of utilizing emails for the purpose of marketing communications. It helps in generating a higher ROI or return on investment. It is considered to be the most cost effective methods of marketing and if used wisely will help in catapulting your sales to a new level

Social Media

Marketing: As the name indicates, it is a process of promoting your business or website through social media channels. This powerful method not only helps you in attaining maximum amount of traffic, but also relevant links and a good amount of attention. It is a low cost promotional method that will help in generating large number of targeted visitors.

Link building:

It is important for any website owner to have relevant links. The main purpose of having these links is that they not only help in improving the popularity of your web site, but also play a crucial role in attaining a top ranking for your website on the search engines. In this method of link building, the primary focus is to get the inbound links from all the relevant websites. A useful connection is then established between both the websites in terms of driving convertible web traffic and search engine ranking. It is imperative that during the process of link building, the focal point should be on developing a good and relevant link.