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Unable to detect External Drives

Unable to detect External Drives How to detect External Drives Tech Advise:1 ↣ In safe mode go to device manger.↣ Go to strat >> run >> type in↣ devmgmt.msc↣ On the devise manger window click on CD DVD↣ Delete both devices.  CD/DVD Also delete your secondary IDE controller.  Then reboot windows and wait for the . . . Read more

Tech Mowgli Support

Tech Mowgli is owned by Techmowgli.com registered at New York, United States with its support center at New York & India. What do we support and our Mission Techmowgli initially started in 2007 with research and development on Internet Windows Linux and computer related issues. Officially went online in 2008 . . . Read more

Remote Support

Remote Support – Sit back and Relax while MCSE expert Fixes your PC Remotely   Remote Support is a technology that enables instant, secure, and trouble free connection between your Pc over the Internet to any point in the world. You will have complete control of your system at all . . . Read more


Microsoft Visual Studio Microsoft has produced a line of integrated development environment. One of their best products in this line is the visual studio. The software is mainly used for development of GUI i.e. graphical user interface applications and also some consoles. Visual studio has its usage for developing web . . . Read more


BSOD Error Messages The Blue Screen of Death is the error code created by windows on a critical system which can cause system to be unstable. It can be caused by any physical faults to Hard Disk, Ram or Display card. These errors are generated on Windows NT based operating . . . Read more


Got a Registry Error ? Call Tech Mowgli Support                   Toll Free 1-866-274-9769                                              Sit Back & Relax while we fix it.. How Do I Fix a Registry Error                               Download Registry Error Cleaner & Speedup Pc                                                                                       Any Operating system’s backbone is its Registry. So, maintaining the registry becomes important . . . Read more


Virus On Computer  Call Tech Mowgli Support            Tech Suppor To Clean Virus Spyware Adwares from  Windows 7 Vista & XP Not Sure if you have a Virus ? Allow our experts to Run a Free Virus Scan. Chat Now or  What Do you Get ? . . . Read more


Pc Tech Support and Technology News Get all information you need related to Computer, Softwares, Web Development, Internet Marketing, SEO & Other It Related Products. Search our well refined knowledgebase for any problem related to Computers, Mobile, Printers, Routers, IPODs and other related products. Get Online Computer Help from the . . . Read more

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