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CD-ROM not working on Windows Vista

CD-ROM not working on Windows Vista How to Fix CD Rom not working on windows vista Tech advice:1 ↣ Please click on start run << type devmgmt.msc >> and then↣ click on the +DVD/CD-ROM option >> right click on your DVD/CD-ROM drive >> choose unistall reboot your machine. Tech advice:2 ↣ Click on . . . Read more

Vista Servise Pack 1 Download | Download Latest Vista Updates

Vista Servise Pack 1 Download | Download Latest Vista Updates How to Download vista service pack 1 Tech Advise: Download or Upgrade to Vista SP1 from below link. ↣ http://www.microsoft.com/windows/windows-vista/quick-start/sp1.aspx Direct Download Link ↣ http://www.microsoft.com/downloads/details.aspx?FamilyID=B0C7136D-5EBB-413B-89C9-CB3D06D12674&displaylang=en How Do i Download Vista Updates ↣ Start Windows Update By Clicking on start >> Programs >>Click on . . . Read more

Microsoft Outlook Add-On for Fax Extension

Outlook Add-On for Fax Extension How to fix Microsoft Outlook add-on for fax extension Tech Advise:1 ↣ Open Outlook↣ Click on Tools ..  select “Trust Center”↣ At the bottom click on ↣ Manage: COM Add-Ins Click Go↣ Uncheck the Google Desktop Add-In↣ Click OK↣ Click on Tools ..  select “Trust Center”↣ Manage: Exchange Client Extensions↣ Uncheck Fax Servise and Google . . . Read more

Windows Installer causing errors

Windows Installer causing errors How to fix Windows Installer causing errors Tech Advise: Please do the following to fix the problem manually Step:1 ↣ Use the Msconfig tool to confirm that the installer service is running↣ Click Start Menu & then Click Run Button.↣ In the Open box type msconfig  & then Click . . . Read more

Remote Support

Remote Support – Sit back and Relax while MCSE expert Fixes your PC Remotely   Remote Support is a technology that enables instant, secure, and trouble free connection between your Pc over the Internet to any point in the world. You will have complete control of your system at all . . . Read more


Microsoft Visual Studio Microsoft has produced a line of integrated development environment. One of their best products in this line is the visual studio. The software is mainly used for development of GUI i.e. graphical user interface applications and also some consoles. Visual studio has its usage for developing web . . . Read more

How to fix common printer problems

1) Paper jams A printer paper jam is a general problem that we have often see while using our printers. Few reasons of paper jams are dust, poor quality, worn out or incorrect paper types. Using proper papers, removing dust & dirt can fix problems related to paper jams. If . . . Read more


BSOD Error Messages The Blue Screen of Death is the error code created by windows on a critical system which can cause system to be unstable. It can be caused by any physical faults to Hard Disk, Ram or Display card. These errors are generated on Windows NT based operating . . . Read more


Got a Registry Error ? Call Tech Mowgli Support                   Toll Free 1-866-274-9769                                              Sit Back & Relax while we fix it.. How Do I Fix a Registry Error                               Download Registry Error Cleaner & Speedup Pc                                                                                       Any Operating system’s backbone is its Registry. So, maintaining the registry becomes important . . . Read more

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