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How To Check Network Connection | Wireless Conection | Modem And Router

First to disconnect all equipment and devices and then restart all devices.and check

Now check connection between router and computer

  • click on Start >> Run >> type cmd, and click on OK.
  • At the command prompt, type ping IP address of the computers and press ENTER.
  • Check the ping statistics. You should get the reply
  • Make sure to disable all firewalls installed on the computer
  • To disable firewalls follow these step
  • Click on Start >> Control Panel >> Network Connections >> Right click on Local Area Connection >>  Properties
  • Click on Advanced >> Settings
  • Under Windows Firewall select Off (not recommended) and click OK.

Now check for Modem

  • click on start >> controll panel >> modem
  • Click on the ‘Diagnostics’ tab at the top of the window
  • Note the number of the COM port that your modem appears next to and click OK.
  • Click on start >> run >> type hypertrm.exe and click OK
  • You will get main Hyper Terminal screen, with Connection Description
  • In white box type test, and click on OK
  • In new box under Connect using click on Direct to Com with the number of the com port ,which you noted down earlier then click OK
  • A Port Settings window wil appear click on OK without any changing
  • Now You will get the full Hyper Terminal window
  • Type ATZ and enter You will get  a response of OK
  • If not ,then the attempt to communicate with the modem has failed.Recheck you have the correct Com port
  • If you get the response ‘OK’ then type ATDT your  phone line number. Your computer should start dialling.
  • If this step fails, Check the cable connections between your computer and phone line
  • When prompted for login ,type in your internet access username and press enter.
  • Type your password and press the enter,Click on the ‘Hang Up’ button at the top of the screen for exit
  • You will be prompted to save this session Click on No.
  • If your modem failed the above test then you might need to contact the modem or computer manufacturer for further support.
  • Also check the ethernet cables ,If cables are damaged then change the cables.

To check wireless network

  • Follow these steps to determine if the Wireless Zero Configuration service is running or not
  • Click on Start >> Run >> type cmd, and click OK.
  • In command prompt Type sc query wzcsvc, and press ENTER.
  • If the Windows Zero Configuration service is running, The words “STATE : # RUNNING” will appear in command prompt.


Next Determine if the driver that you are using recognizes the Windows XP Wireless Zero Configuration service.

For this, follow these steps

  • Click on Start >> click Control Panel >> Network and Internet Connections >> Network Connections.
  • Right click Wireless Network Connection >> Properties.
  • If Wireless Network Connection icon is not in the Network Connections folder, or if you cannot view the properties,
  • there is a problem with the driver for the wireless network adapter.
  • For checking this
  • Click on Start >> right click on My Computer >> Manage >> Device Manager >> Double click Other Devices
  • Look for the wireless network adapter. If adapter in the Other Devices folder, No driver has been installed.
  • To resolve this issue,Install a driver .
  • If the adapter is  not located in the Other Devices folder, Look in the Network Adapters folder.
  • When you locate the wireless network adapter
  • Right click on the icon for the wireless network adapter,Then click Properties.
  • Verify that “The device is working properly” message is displayed under Device status.
  • Now check drivers that do not support the Wireless Zero Configuration service ,For checking this
  • Click on Start >> Run >>  type cmd >> click OK.
  • Type sc query wzcsvc in command prompt and press ENTER.
  • If the Windows Zero Configuration service is running, the words “STATE : # RUNNING” will appear.
  • Now Click on Start >> Control Panel >> Network Connections >> Right click Wireless Network Connection >> click Properties.
  • On the General tab, Click Configure >> Advanced
  • Under Property ,a list describes the basic configuration options
  • Under Mode or Network Type property ,set this option to Infrastructure .
  • And if you are connecting your computer to another computer, Set this option to Ad-Hoc.
  • Under Data Rate property ,Set this option to Auto or to 11 Mbps.
  • Under Power Save property ,Set Power Save to Off or to Disabled.
  • After configure these options, Click OK to save the changes.
  • Now right click on My Computer >> Manage.
  • In Computer Management, Double-click Services and Applications >>Services >>Right click Wireless Zero Configuration >> Properties
  • In the Startup type box, Click to select Disabled, and click OK.
  • Close Computer Management, And then restart the computer.



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