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Auto fix Norton security 8504, 104 error problem

Fix Error Norton security 8504, 104

I am trying to install Norton 360 and getting error 8504, 104, does anybody knows how to resolve this issue?

How to Fix Norton security 8504, 104 error?

To resolve error 8504 on Norton security follow steps

Download Norton Remove and Reinstall tool from website
save file in your desktop, laptop
Now, Double-click the NRnR icon.
Click on license agreement.
You will see advance option also
Now, click remove only
after that click Restart Now.

Before running this Norton removal ans reinstall tool please make sure there is no Norton family installed after following above-mentioned steps, now you will have to restart your system and then follow all the Norton installation procedure. If still facing this error then please email us. Our support team will assist you.

Fix Error Norton security 8504, 104| Norton security 8504, 104 error problem fix

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