How to fix Error check for Updates in google play store

Error Checking for updates in Google play store Fix Google Play store is the biggest market for android applications. From Google play you can download & update the application either it is free or paid. So, since it is the biggest market the one thing in common that it also facing lots of errors. I […]

How to Fix Check your internet connection & try again the error in Google Play Store

Check your internet connection & try again the error in Google Play Store Last night, i was using my Samsung Android Phone and trying to download new applications on my phone & while download showing the error of Check your internet connection and try again in Google Play Store. We all also know that the […]

How to fix error Unfortunately ”process has stopped”

Error Unfortunately ”process has stopped” Yesterday night i was trying to download an application in my android phone and suddenly i got an error of, Unfortunately “process has stopped”. This error occurs not only in downloading or updating any application from the play store but also this error occurs while using any application. […]

How to fix Android error DF-BPA-09 Processing Purchase

Android error Code DF-BPA-09 Processing Purchase Fix Yesterday, i was trying to download the paid application from the play store then while download going to complete i got an android error DF-BPA-09 which also known as the error of processing purchase. This error occurs when you are going to purchase any service from the google […]

How to Fix Android Error 941 / 927 / 504 / 495 / 413 / 406 / 110 / rh01 / rpc:aec:0?

Android Error Code 941 / 927 / 504 / 495 / 413 / 406 / 110 / rh01 / rpc:aec:0 Fix A few days ago, i was doing my official work from home, due to coronavirus lockdown in the whole World. In the break, i was using my Android smartphone & decide to download a […]

Download Microsoft Windows SDK for Windows 7 and .NET Framework 4

File:winsdk_web.exe                            498 KB On Microsoft Windows SDK provides tools, compilers, headers, libraries, code samples, and a new help system that developers can use to create applications System requirements to download Windows 7 SDK and .Net Framework 4 Microsoft Windows SDK for Windows […]

Windows 7 Upgrade Advisor Driver

File: Windows7UpgradeAdvisorSetup.exe                      8.3 MB The Windows 7 Upgrade Advisor scans your PC for potential compatibility issues and lets you know about your Windows 7 upgrade options with your hardware, devices, and installed programs are found, and gives guidance on what to do to before installing Windows […]

Unable to update Windows 7 | Error Message Fix

Please do the following steps to updates Windows 7 Step 1Reset Internet-Explorer Click On Start Menu >> Click On Internet Explorer menu, Click on Tools >> Internet Options. Click On Advanced tab >> Click On Reset. Click On Rese In the Reset Internet Explorer Settings window. Click On OK Button & then Close Internet Explorer & […]

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