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Orange dashes shows and blink just above the Taskbar

I have brand new computer and i am using Windows 10. see the orange dash just at the top right corner of the taskbar
orange dashes windows 10

Sometimes dash come at the top of taskbar and blinks for a second then turn off for a second, and so on.

This thing  occurs when system has been left idle for a long time 30 minutes or an hour. And when i started to do anything, little orange dot will be blink quickly for a few second and then disappear.

I have only seen it on a particular virtual machine, running VMware Workstation v14 over Windows 10 *64 with latest update Creators.

I have turned off all sleep options of this Virtual Machine. It is running in fullscreen mode. After not touching it for a long time when i come back to it, i sees orange dashes but when i click they blink and disappear. How to fix it

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