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Tech Mowgli is owned by Techmowgli.com registered at New York, United States with its support center at New York & India.

What do we support and our Mission

Techmowgli initially started in 2007 with research and development on windows and Internet. Officially went online in 2008 with knowledge base to computer related problems and there fixes. Mission was to provide free knowledge base with solution to fix problems related to Windows, Hardware, Development, Softwares, Virus, trojans and other gadgets.


How Does premium Support Work

Some problems are tough to fix and need experts assistance. At TechMowgli, you don’t have to stay on expensive phone calls per minute and stay connected with Technician.

Remote Support – You can request agent to start a remote session if you want him to fix the problem. Screen sharing is a process by which agent can share your screen and work on it as well. All you have to do is sit back and relax while he fixes your computer Remotely. However, you have complete control over the session and can stop the agent working at any time. Agents control over screen is immediaely lost as soon as you stop the session.

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